Where Light Meets Water; Mumuru on the Equator, T11a

Water Planet; Beauty, Abundance, Abuse, State Capitol Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 2008
Click to EnlargeArchival pigment print, lens, copper chain

42" x 15 ft

A scroll story of a two trip extensive project focusing on journeys to Brazilian Amazon for encounters with the photosynthetic ingenuity of the victoria amazonica, the worlds largest water lily. From MacArthur's first encounter with this organism in the Amazon in 1993, this work enters a chapter of deep engagement with photobiology and the equatorial zone of the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. The entirety of the project explores this bio-region due to its being one of the most rich troves of biodiversity due, in part, to the role of equatorial sunlight, its critical role in the stabilization of global climate, and thus a deep concern for its preservation. The scroll is exhibited with hand lenses hanging in front to allow the viewer to read the layers of text, in very fine pencil, that cross reference aspects about the regions unique sunlight, intricacies about the giant plant’s inherent ingenuity, and issues surrounding the problem of deforestation of this bioregion.