ana macarthur
Ana MacArthur has been making work with and about light since the late 70's and following an exploration of the physics of light with a passion to understand its subtitles and transformative nature.  MacArthur has exhibited internationally and throughout the USA, including exhibitions in New York City, Austria, England, Scotland, and the United Arab Emirates. She moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Southwestern US over 20 years ago, drawn to the crystalline light of the dry desert and its vast spaces, which continue to feed her work. Her installations have been exhibited in numerous shows in Santa Fe with exhibitions at The Museum of Fine Arts, Linda Durham Contemporary Art, The Center for Contemporary Arts, and Gerald Peters Gallery, among others. 

Her artworks and archival documentation of her installations are in many private and public collections such as the MIT Museum, the Museum of Holography, New York City, The Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM, University of Nottingham, England, The Intercommunications Center, Tokyo, Japan, and The Sharjah Arts Museum, United Arab Emirates.

MacArthur was a key member of an international set of artists exploring electronic technologies around the Museum of Holography in New York City in the mid 80's. 

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From 1988 - 2004 she co-founded and partnered in Aurorean, one of the few dichromate holography labs in the world, with developments that distinguished she and her partner as pioneers, including an early series of holograms for artist James Turrell. Her works utilizes dichromate holograms as optically intelligent elements, yet only as a part of a greater dialogue inclusive of multiple media and taking form in installations, sculpture, drawings, holograms, and wall works.

She has conducted multiple lectures to present her work at such places as Brown University, Providence,RI, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, Museum of Fine Arts and the College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and outside the USA in Europe and Brazil.  MacArthur has received numerous scholarships from the Shearwater Foundation, several travel grants to attend conferences in Europe, and was awarded residencies at the Denis Gabor Laboratory, Museum of Holography and the New York Holographic Labs, both in New York City.

Her work has been covered by a variety of publications, catalogues, and videos, both national and international, and is represented in The Creative Holography Index, Germany, and in a CD/ROM Art Holography-The Real Virtual 3D Images, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada. Writings about her in depth process and concepts have been published in several journals of the Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE).
MacArthur has shared her work and knowledge of light, optics, and eco-literacy via teaching workshops to multiple age groups from middle school to university. Her recent format for eco-activism has been to inspire in youth a knowing of deep principles of ecology, and of the significance of the sun's radiation, woven via an artistic exploration. MacArthur was recently employed by Sandia National Laboratories as part of their photonics education outreach program.  She developed and taught curriculum in the study of optics for high school and middle school students designed to encourage an understanding of light, and woven with relevant inclusions of environmentally sound technologies. 

MacArthur holds a BFA (with Honors) from combined studies at Mills College, Oakland, California and SUNY, Alfred, New York.